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Trading and how to invest in the stock exchange

Wellcome to a new video of

Mi name is Jaime Juez i’m a trader and financial advisor in Spain, and today I want to talk about my new trading course and how to invest in stock exchange.

First of all, I want to show you a full summary about the whole course.

What are we going to learn in this course?

The basics concepts like what is a broker, a trader, a stop loss, a take profit, a gap, a long, a short, a CFd, etc…

After, we’ll see an overview of the most popular makets in the world.

Then, we’ll learn how to use the most important indicators

and finally, we’ll see some easy strategies to start winning. Now, let’s start with the basics:

What is a Broker and what is a trader.

a Broker is basically a financial intermediary between us and the maket, and is usually a company or a bank, not a person as many people think.

At the screen you can see severals types of brokers, and as you see, they are all financial companies.

A trader is basically the person who execute the buy or sell order. Is the last person who clicks the buy or sell button. So, we are going to be Traders, not brokers.

Why the brokers are so important?

Because we need them to access to the market.

So, how it’s the process to invest in stocks?

- First step is to open a trading account in a broker. You can do this online. If you go to and click on resources and after click on platforms and brokers, you’ll see some recommendations. All the process is online, so, as you can imagine, is not necessary to go to any stock exchange to buy or sell shares.

- Second step, you need an internet connection and a device to access to the trading platform connected to your broker. In that platform you will see all financial products you can get, as shares, index, commodities...etcetera.

- Third step, you have to select an asset, click on buy into your platform, and immediately your order goes to the market throw you broker that is going to charge you a little commission for that.

As a trader, you should looking for brokers with low commissions.

I Hope this video will help you to start.

See you at markets! Adiós amigos!

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